Our Mission



The Strides for Life Colon Cancer Foundation Mission is to Research, Inspire, Screen, and Educate (RISE). We initiate wide-scale screening and educational programs directed toward populations at risk, and collaborate with passionate students eager to join our cause.





Our research goals include the following: analyzing the epidemiology of the disease, finding ways to increase the number of people screened – especially those socioeconomically disadvantaged, advancing screening research, and understanding the biology underlying colon cancer. With our screening programs, we measure the effectiveness of screening (using FIT) in diagnosing colon cancer, as well as the effectiveness of a variety of communication techniques. Together, with over a hundred high school and college students, we are synthesizing complex concepts from highly reviewed scientific literature and expressing them so that the general population can understand them too.

Colon cancer is commonly regarded as an “old person’s” disease. Yet, the rates of young adults being affected are increasing significantly. We want the youth to take action in raising awareness of colon cancer, educating their communities, and pursuing complex research. Through collaboration with a highly successful cancer group and high schools across the Bay Area, we are able to connect and inspire the youth to do just this.





Although colon cancer is the second leading cause of death by cancer, it is nearly 95% curable if detected early. Colon cancer can be detected early if we develop wide-scale population screening programs directed at those most at risk. We provide colonoscopies for those who cannot pay for them, and implement colon cancer screening initiatives targeting uninsured and underinsured populations within San Mateo county. As we continue to grow, our ultimate goal will be to screen as many high-risk people in the Bay Area.

Not enough people understand what types of screening are available to them or where screening is available. One of our goals is to increase awareness of colon cancer and different screening options within our community.