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About Colon Cancer

The American Cancer Society just released a study on colon cancer incident rates this past February. Among young adults who were born in 1990, the researchers discovered that the risk of colon cancer for this age group has risen by a dramatic 100% (rectal cancer by 300%).

Since the mid-1980s, the amount of colon cancer cases has dropped for those over 50 years of age, largely due to better screening. However, the exact opposite has occurred for the younger population.

Researchers aren’t sure why this trend is happening. While the cause remains unknown, it is a sad truth that people aren’t aware of this trend. People aren’t aware of what colon cancer is, let alone where their colon is. People aren’t aware that colon cancer is the second leading cause of death by cancer.

This needs to change.

Spreading awareness and pursuing future endeavors to find a cure doesn’t start with older adults – it starts with the Millennials. It starts with a powerful voice.

It starts with you.

How can I make an impact?


Start a conversation with a friend. Tell your parents that 1/21, nearly 5%, of adults will develop colon cancer. Get people up to date about symptoms, risks, and screening methods. Save a life.

Make a club!

Interested in educating your classmates about colon cancer or cancer in general? Form a cancer club at your school!

Start a Colon Cancer club or a Strides4Life Colon Cancer club to be affiliated with our organization. We can give lectures, video talks for distant schools, and provide stimulating tasks for members.

Volunteer Individually/Club Tasks:

Make videos for our website and Colon Cancer Channel (a future project)

Help build our unique research database!

We have a team of high school/college students writing articles and editorials about recent studies, treatments, different screening methods, healthcare, etc.

The articles we write are crafted to give special insight on our research topics All writers will be credited with their name and photo next to each article they write

Website/Technical Support

Raising money for projects

Volunteering at events

Learn more about theories regarding this new trend